Our production facilities are set up for both incidental and serial processing. Whether it concerns a simple or a complicated assignment, each project is a challenge for us time and again. We do not limit ourselves to metal alone.

Non-ferrous materials such as plastic, rubber, glass and ceramics can also be processed for you with the required precision. The production and inspections take place in conditioned spaces.


In our company you will find a wide range of grinding, honing and lapping machines. In addition, we have two electrical discharge machines that offer a wide range of machining possibilities. Recently, a third machine has been added. We use a thermo spray system for thermal spraying. This allows us to apply different types of melting and self-melting alloys, including ceramic layers.

Electrical discharge machining

Through the use of electrical discharge machining (also called spark machining or spark eroding) the most complex shapes can be affixed in/to a product. The only requirement is that the product is made of conductive material. Very close tolerances and low surface roughness are easily achievable. Hardened products, but also products from tungsten carbide, can be processed.

  • Max. workpiece dimensions : 1050 x 820 x 300 mm (l*w*h)
  • Max. range X, Y, and Z-axis : 600 x 400 x 310 mm
  • Max. weight in water bath : 1000 kg

Round grinding Conventional


  • up to a length of 2,000 mm between the centres
  • greatest diameter 450 mm


  • up to a length of 500 mm
  • greatest clamping diameter 500 mm

Round grinding CNC


  • up to a length of 1,600 mm between the centres
  • greatest diameter 450 mm


  • greatest clamping diameter 360 mm

Centreless grinding

  • from 1 mm cross section to 50 mm cross section

Flat grinding

  • up to 1,500 x 500 mm
  • Roundtable round 600 x 175

Tool grinding

6-axis controlled

  • up to a length of 800 mm
  • greatest diameter 395 mm


  • from 2 mm cross section to 533 mm cross section
  • up to a length of 1,200 mm


  • greatest diameter 200 mm

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