Reliable measuring instruments require periodic calibration. Various ISO standards require these calibrations. The deviations of measuring instruments from standard values are recorded and corrected. Most calibrations are carried out on our Trimos Labconcept longitudinal measuring machine. As a Vossebelt client you have the opportunity to outsource the monitoring of this continuous calibration cycle. We have the modern measuring instrument management software QMSoft from L&W Gesellschaft für Fertigungsmeßtechnik und Qualitëätssicherung GmbH, which automatically detects the periodic recalibration of all your measuring instruments.

Your measuring instruments are of crucial importance to a company. In addition to periodic calibration, they also require proper maintenance. The following maintenance work is conducted as standard for our calibrations:

  • Visual inspection
  • Cleaning of the measuring instrument
  • Lubrication of the moving parts where necessary
  • Resolution of minor malfunctions

It is possible that we may detect malfunctions in the instrument during calibration or maintenance work. In consultation with you, we will resolve all the defects in your measuring instruments. Rates for repair work are available on request. Each repair is followed by a full calibration as standard.

We calibrate surface plates, altimeters and longitudinal measuring machines on site with our HeNe-laser measuring system. Machine rulers are also possible, as well as for supporting measurements for your machine supplier.

We can also calibrate torque wrenches for you.

In short, the possibilities are very extensive. We are happy to make a suitable offer for you.